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Arabic Korg Pa2x Set-2 128 MB.rar garvcai




htm This set features the Korg Pa2x Set sampler, the Korg Pa2x e-mu Modular and the Korg Pa2x FM Modular. The Korg Pa2x e-mu Modular operates on a 12 dB/octave ladder and has the ability to modulate pitch via MIDI. This all in one set is a great way to get a touch of the fun of the Korg Pa2x. The Korg Pa2x set is known to produce a wide range of sounds for all types of music. Korg Pa2x Set 2 128 MB (Sample-Percussion) I previously used a factory sample set of 128 Mb (Pa2x) that I purchased in the 1990’s, which featured samples of bass, lead and percussion instruments. I have tried to upgrade my set to a higher number of samples. The previous set features all of the most common drum samples (snare, kick, hi-hat, ride, congas, tambourine, bongos, shaker) and percussion instruments (wood block, cowbell, etc). A few of the samples were discontinued, but I have archived them on the sample set (rars, zip and vcf format). In this new sample set, I have added samples of the marimba, maracas and several other percussion instruments. A big thanks to any sample takers that have contributed their sounds! This sample set is mostly comprised of drum samples and drum loops. It features a small amount of flute, bells and percussive sounds. The samples in this set will work on all 6-banded e-mu emulators. Some of the samples will be effected by the drum kits used (small, medium or large drum kits). The large drum kit will be best for the bass sounds, and the small or medium kits for the other sounds. Some of the samples may be effected by the settings used on the 6 band e-mu software. The sound settings can be found in the info folder. The samples from this set have been arranged using a 909 drum kit. This sample set was primarily constructed using the Korg Pa2x set and the Korg Pa2x e-mu modular. The drum samples have been recorded using different drums (small, medium and large kits). These samples are not intended for use on an acoustic drum set. Some of the samples have been recorded using drum pads (electronic



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Arabic Korg Pa2x Set-2 128 MB.rar garvcai

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