Corduroy Jacket

Corduroy Jacket


Corduroy jackets are here for your pooch! Choose between six stunning colours for the main body; tan, black floral, light pink, sausage dog pattern, purple, and blue-grey to stand out from the crowd while staying cosy!


Choose your lining out of three options:





You might think it doesn’t matter, but did we mention the jackets are REVERSIBLE!?



Because we know all dogs are different, we have tried to be as accommodating as possible! If you feel like your pup doesn’t fit one of our standard sizes, simply choose one of the “between” option (whichever one is closest to your dogs CHEST CIRCUMFERENCE), let us know your dogs unique measurements in the space below, and let us do the rest!



  • Size Guide

    Standard size guide:

    Small: (Fits smaller breed dogs such as cocker spaniels, spoodles, beagles etc) Chest circumference: 50cm Across front of chest: 15cm Length: 40cm

    Medium: (Fits medium to large dogs such as large springer spaniel, small Labrador and golden retrievers etc) Chest circumference: 70cm Across front of chest: 30cm Length: 55cm

    Large: (Fits those big boys like small Great Danes, Rottweilers etc) Chest circumference: 90 Across front of chest: 45 Length: 65cm


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